Drag-Free Drift: Leader Design and Presentation Techniques for Fly Fishing

Design, materials, knots, castingIncludes LeaderCalc CD with tables for every variation of leader

Fly fishermen often pay too little attention to the eight or nine feet of monafilament that connects their hundred dollars of gear to their fly. But this least expensive component-the leader-is the one most directly connected to fishing success. To fool a trout, a leader must drop a fly lightly on the water and then let it drift naturally, without drag. This groundbreaking work reveals the principles behind leaders that catch fish and provides everything you need to start tying your own, including the ideal proportions of butt, taper, and tippet, the best materials and knots for various applications, and how leaders can be modified and adapted. It also covers techniques of casting to minimize drag and enhance presentation.

Hooked on Fly Tying – Classic Dry Flies II w/ Dick Talleur

Dick Talleur… Columnist, author, photographer, guide and recognized fly tying authority, Dick Talleur is your guide through learning the intricate and delicate techniques of tying a variety of very effective flies. Not only do you learn to tie the specific patterns in these tapes, but the techniques, style and tricks that you encounter with these flies can be applied to many other patterns. Learn to tie: Stimulator, Pale Morning Dun, Rusty Spinner, and Adam's Parachute.

CRABBING: FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!: CATCH YOUR OWN BLUE CRABS!!! The Techniques and Baits that have been used for Centuries to Catch this tasty Sea Creature!!!

Outdoor fun for the whole family!!!!! What are you waiting for?

I am writing a book about how to catch and prepare these tasty crustaceans. Catching blue crabs is easy and is fun for the whole family. How much effort you put into crabbing and how much money you spend is entirely up to you. There are various baits which you can use to catch crabs. You can use crab rings or you can use traps or you can even use a simple string and a net. I will detail the more popular methods and also provide some delicious recipes for the enjoyment of you and your family!

How To Fish! Best Beginner’s Guide To Fishing. Learn The Basic Fishing Techniques Along With Some Great Fishing Tips For Beginners!

Great short guide on the fishing fundamentals.

Rigging Circle Hooks

Learn the proper techniques for rigging circle hooks with bait for billfishing. The preference for commercial fisheries and the wise choice of billfisherman aiming to release their catch. A must-have for any angler.

Long Distance Fly, Spin, Bait, and Surf Casting Techniques and Getting Started with Spey Casting

With so many articles and books about casting why did I write this short book? Part of the answer is that I never set to out to write a book or even an article. Instead, I set out to become a better fly, surf, spin and spey caster. To do so, I always took my first step by studying casting technique. Why did I do this? Because relatively late in life I came to believe in the power of technique; so when I became interested in fly casting, for example, I immersed myself in articles, books and videos, but surprisingly I still couldn't cast more than seventy-feet. Frustrated, I experimented with fly casting on my own, but with every casting discovery I made, a new casting symptom, like hitting myself with the fly, came out of hiding.

More and more I wished I had a casting coach, but not having a coach forced me to experiment on my own, and to find and understand the causes of my casting defects. And while I did, I took notes, notes that soon became a sort of casting journal, and then became articles that were published in many magazines. Does my journal answer every casting question? No. Does it describe the only ways to cast? No. But even though I believe all casters are different and should learn from many sources, I also believe this book will help you cast farther with less effort.
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Outdoor Life: Hunting & Gathering Survival Manual: 221 Primitive & Wilderness Survival Skills

The modern hunter-gatherer's manual for learning important wilderness skills, surviving tough situations, and getting back to the land. Harvest nature's bounty and turn it into a gourmet meal; hunt and fish in the wild, with weapons or with your own two hands; and prepare for any outdoor adventure or emergency, whether you're lost in the woods or in need of herbal medicine. This book identifies it all, with step-by-step instructions and skills to make you a self-sufficient survivor—in your backyard and in the wild.

Inshore Sportfishing For Sheepshead

With Capt. Dave Sipler – Florida fishing guide & Writer for Sportfishing Magazine. Inshore and near coastal saltwater sportfishing has become increasingly popular. Some of the largest of many of the saltwater species can be found year round in and around inlets to the ocean where they find an abundant food supply washed out by the tides from the estuaries. Sheepshead, Black Drum, Speckled Sea Trout and Flounder are among the most popular. They can challenge the light tackle enthusiast as well as providing excellent table fare. Discover the tips and techniques to help you catch these challenging species.

How to Fish: Fishing tips and Fishing Techniques for Teaching Beginners How to Catch Fish!

Fishing, “the great American pastime”, is a calming and relaxing activity that requires a whole lot of knowledge and patience to perfect.

One of the most popular recreational activities of all time; fishing can be very therapeutic and stress relieving apart from being a great relationship bonding tool.
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Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills: Your Guide to Emergency Wilderness Survival


When it comes to surviving a disaster, having survival skills and know-how is as essential as having the necessary survival gear. Without the right knowledge, survival gear is useless. Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills will teach you the essential wilderness survival skills you need to endure a bug out situation or prolonged off-grid scenario. You will learn how to meet the four core survival needs – shelter, fire, water and food – with a minimum amount of equipment. Detailed photos and step-by-step instructions will help you master each skill.
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