The American Angler Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing: Proven Skills, Techniques, and Tactics from the Pros

As warmwater fly fishing grows in popularity, target species such as bass (large- and smallmouth), sunfish, perch, and even carp demand increasingly sophisticated techniques from the modern fly fisherman. The American Angler Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing offers a quick and succinct look at the essentials of this growing sport. With an array of beautiful photos and instructive illustrations, this guide delivers everything beginning and intermediate anglers need to know about casting technique, gear selection, fly choice, and how best to approach various fish species in their favored habitats. A selection of essential flies and tying recipes rounds out the first essential book for warmwater fly fishermen.

My $1200 a Month Retirement Plan, Beach-Front Living: A Picture Book of a Small Mexican Fishing Village, Retirement Tips

Where can you retire on less than $1200 a month, including seaside living?

A small fishing village in Mexico, 9 miles outside of one of the top tourist destinations in North America.
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Ice Fishing Secrets (In-Fisherman Library)

The very latest breakthroughs for locating and icing a variety of species. The men who made it happen talk tactics and strategies. Guaranteed to keep you on top of the ice fishing game.

Fly-fishing Guide to the Upper Delaware River: 2nd Edition

Completely updated and revised editionNew interviews with some of the Upper Delaware's most renowned guides and outfitters, including the legendary Al CaucciThe latest lodging and dining optionsHatches and fly patterns that work best

Walleye 101 – Pro Tips Using the Crawler Harness

Multi-Tournament winning Walleye Pro, Paul Curmi takes out his bag of secret tricks to share how he catches Walleye under any conditions. Paul has several hot versions of the timeless crawler harness that he has developed into reliable money winners. Paul shares his tournament-winning secrets to help you put more fish in the boat, even in the most extreme conditions.

Fishing Tandem Flies: Tactics, Techniques, and Rigs to Catch More Trout

Angling legend Charles Meck covers tandems top to bottom with his favorite flies for matching hatches, as well as tried-and-true patterns for drumming up fish during summer doldrums and other tough conditions. In the first book devoted entirely to fishing more than one fly at once, Meck discusses 7 of the most effective rigs and the best times to use them, including detailed steps showing how to tie his new looped-leader series of flies. Artist Dave Hall provides clear illustrations of the different connections and fishing techniques. Whether casting to the banks from a drift boat on Montana s Missouri River or stalking central Pennsylvania spring-creek trout, anglers across the country will learn something from this book to help them catch more trout.

Charles Meck is the author of more than 12 fly-fishing and fly-tying books. He lives in Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania, and Mesa, Arizona.

Deer Hunting: Deer Hunting for Beginners: Mastering Deer Hunting Like a Pro! (bow hunting, deer hunting for beginners, deer hunting tips, deer, how to … deer tracking, hunting, hunting equipment)

Deer Hunting For Beginners
This is The Ultimate Deer Hunting Beginners Guide known to Man!

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Beginners Guide To Deep Sea Fishing

Must read book for beginners who want to enjoy deep sea fishing. Learn how to get the most from deep sea fishing. Discover specific ways beginners can experience the thrill of deep sea fishing. Must read book for beginners.

DVD The Better Half of Fishing – How to Guide for Women

This program takes the fear and intimidation out of fishing for women who want to learn to fish or those that want to improve the skills they have. Hosted by women to deliver topics from a woman's point of view. This program covers it all from tackle to landing to cleaning your catch of the day. Women enjoy fishing just as much as men, but often feel intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to learning the basic fishing skills. This program provides easy to understand examples and techniques with women anglers in the starring roles! Subjects covered include: Safety & responsible boating, fishing basics, tackle, rods & reels, knots & rigs, bait & lure selection, inshore, nearshore, offshore fishing, playing the fish, fish cleaning tips, and Much More! Plus downloadable forms, your boating profile, pre-launch checklist, float plans & recipes.

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