Catfishing Tips

Tips for Catfishing

It would be a chore to find any body of fresh water in the U.S. that doesn’t contain one or more species of catfish. Our balance of warm water and cooler seasons are optimum for producing and abundance of whiskerfish. They are all great table fare, and by using some good catfishing tips, you can be well on your way to a catfish feast.

Try these catfishing tips the next time you go catfishing:

  • Channel, and blue catfish are omnivorous, locating their food by an incredibly developed sense of smell. They can detect odors in the water as dilute as 1 part per million. Yellow Cats, by contrast, only eat live fish, and rely more on sight, and sound. Anything that has a pronounced odor, and is organic will attract Blue and Channel Cats. Obviously, live-bait is best for Yellow cats, with live bluegills (where legal) being one of the best.
  • Blue and Channel catfish have a weird way of biting at times. Many times, they will pick up a bait, hold it into their mouths, then crush it, before moving off. They will also mouth a bait and spit it out, only to pick it up again in a few minutes. This can drive anglers nuts. Your rod will bob several times, and stop as soon as you touch the rod. It is a cat-and mouse game that requires patience on your part. Sooner or later, the catfish will take the bait and move off with it.
  • One of the best rigs for fishing for channel and blue cats is to use a treble hook (or large single hook if using baitfish, or other live bait), on a dropper loop, with a Lindy sinker on the bottom. By keeping slack out of the line, you will know when a catfish has grabbed the bait, When they pick up the bait and move forward with it, the sinker falls forward, keeping a little bit of pressure on the line, allowing them to swallow without feeling the line tension.
  • You will lose a lot of hooks and sinkers fishing in the rocky bottoms below tailraces. Instead of rigging a slip, bell or Lindy sinker on the bottom, simply pinch several split-shots to the end of the line, using as many as needed, and a dropper loop 12-18″ above that. When the bottom sinker gets hung in the rocks, it will just pull it off with moderate pressure, leaving the hook, and the rest of the sinkers intact so you can keep fishing.


By using these basic catfishing tips, you can always keep a good supply of fillets in the freezer,


Happy fishing.

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Catfishing Tips

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